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Reeds Service Dogs also offers a Participant Trained Service Dog program – meaning you, the Client, are totally involved in the training of your Service Dog for your diagnosed medical condition, where a Service Dog would be an appropriate addition and beneficial in order to restore and improve to your Quality of Life.

The program lasts for 25 weeks to train the team. The first phase is focused on the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship course, which is the benchmark standard in obedienc. During the second phase, time is spent socializing the team in dog friendly public places. When the trainer is confident the team is progressing sufficiently, the final phase will focus on training in public areas where only Service Dogs are allowed.

The team will graduate and become accredited by Reeds Service Dogs when the Public Access Temperament Test is given and the team passes. The team will carry the necessary health certificates and documentation and will be able to accompany the client to stores, restaurants, planes, living accommodations, and permitting full access to any and all places the client wishes to visit.


REEDS SERVICE DOGS have the ability to decrease isolation of the client, decrease the needs for many medications, decrease anxiety and panic attacks when in crowded public places, awaken them from nightmares and flashbacks, ‘have their backs’ when necessary, to name but a few.

Current Trainers

If you do not see a trainer in your area, contact us and we will reach out to the local trainers in your area.


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